A Visit To Maryland – Day Two

On Sunday we headed up to Baltimore to experience the Inner Harbor.  Being on the opposite side of the Chesapeake we had to drive over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge which was several miles long over the water.  It was kind of weird and exciting but I was really hoping there would be no earthquake or Giant Gozilla Monster action happening while we were on it.  Luckily…no Gozilla’s prohibited our crossing safely.

It was a truly scorching day in Baltimore but we braved the intense heat and got a lot of sight seeing in.  The Inner Harbor is very quaint.  It has a fun flair and the them of Pirates of the Chesapeake carried over to the Inner Harbor as well.   There was a Jolly Roger Boat that gave tours.

You’ll see in the corner of the picture above a little boat with a solitary Pirate on board.  He was a funny fellow…he yelled funny things at the people on the pier and then sped away.  I’m assuming he was going to get lunch.

They had numerous boats to check out and tour on the various piers.  In this case a submarine.

We headed out to the Baltimore Aquarium to see some fishes and hopefully cool down.  Fishes we saw…cooling down didn’t happen until the dark coolness of the Shark Tank.  Where I learned there’s a shark called a Nurse Shark…who knew…okay all those people who watch Shark Week on Discovery knew but other people I’m sure didn’t.

One of my favorite exhibits was the Jellyfish.  Scary creatures but cool looking.

We had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and it was very tasty.  I got the barbecue bacon cheese burger with caramelized onions because why wouldn’t I.  It has a yummy flair to it!

Oh and you know I totally upgraded to the onion rings…because it only made sense, lol.

After lunch we went to Bean’s most favoritest place in the world…Barnes and Noble.  Two stories of awesomeness.  We got some more summer reading which was awesome!

Baltimore had much to offer and we’ll have to come back again for a longer stay one day.  Of course one of our favorite parts of the Inner Harbor was the Anime Convention taking place.  In the words of my beloved Bean….WE LOVE YOU BALTIMORE!!!



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