A Visit to Mary’s Land – Day One

This weekend I headed to Maryland with my beloved for a weekend adventure.  Other than being very hot (I loath sweating) it was a picture perfect weekend.  I think she had fun and I know I did so yay for us 😉

We went to a town on the Chesapeake called Rock Hall.  It’s a cute little town that is a Boat Lover’s paradise.  We drove around to see the sights that this little Cove had to offer.  It had a beach, marina, monuments and the most important part…Seafood 😉

We went to one of the local Museum’s that offered a lot of information about what life was like in the past in Rock Hall.  I found it informative and unintentionally funny.  You see I’m from Philly.  It’s kind of a big town and I would never recommend leaving your house or car unlocked while unattended.  So of course when we showed up at the museum and saw this sign…we had to chuckle!

Pirates are a big thing in Maryland…who knew?

We went to a great Restaurant called Waterman’s Crab House.  They have AMAZING food there.  It is worth the trip if you are looking for something to do in Maryland.

They are known for their crabs but since I don’t eat seafood I went with the turf instead.  It was delicious…OMG the Corn was uber tasty!!!

Bean loves, loves, loves seafood.  She got the Crab Dip…she said it was amazing.  I’m a french onion soup kind of gal…it too was amazing.  I’ve had FOS in so many restaurants I’ve lost count…this was the best I’ve ever eaten!

And the Lobster…

Since Waterman’s sits on the Chesapeake you can drive your boat up and dock while you eat.  It was so serene.

They offer Sunset Boat Tours as well.  If you love the water and boats you should totally check it out!

While at the beach we saw these folks in the background sitting in their blow-up pool drinking beer.  You can’t see them very well but I found them to be hysterical and friendly 🙂

All in all…Rock Hall is a good place to put on your list of places to visit while you are in Maryland!


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