Bean and the Magic Shoes

Once Upon A Time…I went to the beach with Bean.  The Beach was a mystical place that smelled good and had sun and sand there.  But I was afraid of the water because there were funny things on the bottom that made me squeal and not in a good way.  Bean knew how to fix this and told me I needed to get some magic shoes.

So I set out on a long arduous journey that lead me to the 5Below store.  There they had rows and rows of magic shoes.  I got pink ones because I heart pink a lot 🙂

It was time for me to leave the magical place call Beach but Bean stayed behind with two of our traveler friends.  I took this picture from our place.  Hi Bean…I see you.

When we went to play Mini Golf I was almost eaten by a giant dinosaur…turns out he was actually just yawning.  With all of those teeth you could see how I could make that mistake.

I had some of the local cuisine.  I had clam fritters for the first time and they were good and I got to put butter on them too 🙂

There were cool things to see.  I can’t wait to go back and live happily ever after on vacation 🙂


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