It Was Sunny There

This weekend I went to the Shore for the day.  For those of you not from the Mid-Atlantic  region this is what we call the South Jersey coast.  The Jersey Shore for most people in the area is NOTHING like Snookie’s version.

I’ve never been a Shore person but I’m slowly adapting.  You see I sunburn like there is no tomorrow so my relationship with the Shore has been Love/Hate with sometimes a great emphasis on the Hate when I was suffering with sunburn pain.

Sunscreens have made it possible for me to enjoy the great outdoors again and so now I’m feeling better about the beach.  Some former Classmates of mine where having a do at their place this Saturday and I was able to go so I went.  They are a really great group of people.

It’s really cool when we can get together because even though almost 30 years have passed it sure doesn’t feel like it.

The kids got to go crabbing, boating and fishing.  So everyone had something to do.   I got my first grilled hot dog of the summer.  Yay for me!

Then the sun went down and we headed back to the City of Brotherly Love wishing and hoping for another trip to the Shore to see the beautiful sunset.   The only downside…I missed my Bean.


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