The King of Dares

I have this Facebook Friend that is the husband of someone I went to Grade School with back in the day.  He is the ultimate king of Dares.  Once someone dared him to put on a Phillies Cheerleading uniform.  He did, then took a picture of himself and then posted it as his FB profile picture.  I ♥ him because that there is a secure person.

I bring this up because a couple of days ago he took a picture of this halter top…
He posted this picture on FB and people put all kinds of posts about him wearing it to the Pride Parade this weekend.  One of his friends dared him to wear it.  No dare goes unfulfilled…he bought the top, put it on, took a picture and posted it to FB for all of us to see.

He should be the poster boy for positive self-esteem!  Norm you rock!



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