Trouble No More

I was reading the news…you know the interesting news…not that war stuff.  It seems that Leona Helmesly’s beloved Maltese doggie has died at the age of 12.   She may have been termed a “bitch” by people.  She was considered miseryly and was even dubbed the ‘Queen of Mean’ but when it came to her dog she was all love.  She even left the little bugger $12 million dollars.  From what I’ve read her family didn’t like her either but yet were quick to fight for more money.  Seriously when you are talking about Billions of dollars $12 million is like 2 bucks.
In the end the money grubbers won out and Trouble’s fortune was reduced to $2 million dollars.  Hopefully Leona and Trouble are taking long walks in the afterlife together.  Happy Tails…um…trails to you Trouble!


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