Um Dude…It’s Philly

I’ve been hooked on the show Parking Wars on A&E.  I guess because it mostly takes place in Philly (as well as Detroit).  Having had to endure the PPA on one occasion it made it so I will always pay the $18 to $20 for parking in a lot.  It’s way cheaper than paying over $300 for ticket and towing to the PPA.
I kid you not…it’s insane down there.  You stand in one line to move to the second line to hopefully make it to the third line which means you get to leave…sooner rather than later.  On the show there are people who spend all day there.  Five hours later you may or may not get to leave with your car.

When I was there it was mobbed because it was a Saturday night.  I was in line with about 200 of my not so closest friends who were mostly from out of town and vowing never to return to Philadelphia again.  Great for tourism don’t you think.
I bring this all up because Philly Pride is this weekend and if you are coming to town…Pay to park.  You have a better chance your car will be there when you get back.  Not a 100% chance mind you…it is Philly remember.



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