I HAD A DREAM…and threre was a squirrel in it.

Last week I had the best night sleep.  When my wife got up to go to the gym I didn’t even know she left.  When the dogs barked I didn’t hear them and I woke up peacefully from my slumber without the need of the alarm blaring.  It was a great way to wake up.  Rested and feeling sound.

So what’s up with the squirrels you ask?  Well I had this reoccurring dream of the squirrel that I found abandoned and nursed back to health.  It sat on my shoulder and went everywhere with me.  The best part was the Squirrel let me dress it in little squirrel size clothes.  It was all about the fashion.

In my dream a childhood friend name Jerry invited me and the squirrel over for a play date.  He then started to torment my little squirrel and it squealed and ran off.  I woke up.  WTF was that all about?

Talk amongst yourselves.



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