Seriously Mickie? Seriously???

Yesterday my Boston Terrier Mickie decided she was ready for 500 yard dash on Bean.  Thus giving Bean a major heart attack.  This is problematic because we live on a busy street.  She got her back unscathed but really giving Bean a heart attack she should be scathed.  Again my Mom’s quote comes back to me…”a sweater would have been nice”.
What’s that you say…a sweater?  Mickie came to us because our beloved Collie Retriever Mix named Chelsea Reardon departed our world at age 18.  We were all sad.
It was decided I would get my Mom a puppy for her birthday.  Insert Mickie here.  Fast forward several months when Puppy Mickie was being Bad Puppy Mickie.  Mom said “your dog is being bad” at which I pointed out it was her dog being bad and reminded her that Mickie was her birthday gift.  To wit she replied…”a sweater would have been nice”.  Don’t get me wrong she loved Mickie and they shared some great times before Mom died but Mickie is…a bad dog.

This happened when she discovered she actually can't fly.

Honestly it’s not her fault…she a dog who doesn’t know better.  It’s like that show “Is it me or the dog?”…I know it’s me, lol.  I would say someday she’ll grow out of her bad ass behavior but who am I kidding…she’s 9.  So we deal.  I do love her and she does have some great qualities it’s just sometimes her badness reigns supreme.  Who knows maybe tomorrow she’ll suddenly grow a brain and life will be perfect.

or not, lol?


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  1. I’m so glad you got Mickie back safe and sound. Our Siberian, Kiwi was a real escape artist. I can’t tell you how many times she got away from us. And it wasn’t that we weren’t careful. We were. But every time she got away I was terrified.

    Lucky for us we always got her back unscathed.

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