Why Does Heaven Look Like A Wawa?

So This Guy predicted the world would end on Saturday at 6PM (I’m assuming EST).  It didn’t happen.  I know this because the Wawa was still selling Slushies and chips.


I do not want to seem insensitive but at 89 years of age everyday could be the Rapture.  Aside from that I’m getting really tired of these fools taking up oxygen telling us about the second coming of Christ and how they know 200 million souls would be saved in the Rapture.  According to the Jehovah’s version of the Bible only 144000 souls will be saved in the rapture.  So Harry can make up is own numbers because there are more people in the world now than 2000 years ago?  Um okay.  Oh and my favorite part of the Harry’s Rapturerama is he’s made tens of millions of dollars for his church.  So God wanted him to use the Lord and his Father for profit.  I’m fairly certain there’s some stuff in the Bible about that being a no-no.  And my last cranky-pants revelation of my own is…he uses numerology…wasn’t that a reason to be put to death back in Biblical times?  Back then that was like Sorcery and shit.  Oh well.

All I can say is Harry I sure do hope you make it to 10/21/11 the date of your new and improved mathematical equation end of the world number.  Praise Jesus and Wayne Newton 🙂



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