I Blinked…and month has passed

I’m not really sure what happened in the last month that kept me from blogging but I’m pretty sure Ice Cream, Sheldor and the Shrinky Dinks were involved.  Not necessarily in that order.

So here is a list of stuff I did when I wasn’t here:

  • Having dinner with Bean.
  • Making my dog naked.
  • Celebrating Holidays.
  • Taking pictures of odd people on the street. (I’m no sure why that guy was wearing a motorcycle helmet).
  • Helping my Fairy with her guitar lessons.
  • Causing issues at the Lenox Outlet because I was taking pictures like this…
  • Attending the kids recital.  Um they were awesome…just saying!
  • Bean and I did a puzzle (okay she did most of it).
  • Jamming to Lady Gaga (who doesn’t)
  • Watching Dancing with the Stars.
  • Drinking Coke and Pepsi (but not at the same time).
  • Cleaning.
  • Taking more random pictures.

Anyway you’ve got the picture.  Sometimes life is busy…is it nap time yet?


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