From Business Man to Kickass in 30 seconds

So on Friday at work the mail came.  I know shocking mail actually arriving and all, lol.  In the mail was someone soliciting us to join them on some funky whatsit or something.  Insert yawn here.  But what they had in the solicitation really got us excited.  They sent super hero masks.  This was seriously awesome!!!

What's his super hero name?

Scooter put on his mask and was in massive need to save the damsel in distress…free the hostages and save the world.  The only thing was…he has no cool super hero name.  Super Scooter just doesn’t work.

Engaging in battle...

Suit guy doesn’t work either.  Super Duper Business dude…maybe his tie is his lethal weapon?

The classic crane you're talkin'

Maybe he could be the Blue Devil…or maybe not…he’s a Boise fan not a NC fan 😦

The world is safe for one more day and our hero heads back to his secret fortress called "The Office"

I know what you are thinking…gosh my job sucks…we never get to play super heroes.  Well friends…sometimes you just need to take a few minutes to save the world in your busy day 😉  Godspeed and good luck!


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