If Ralph Kramden Was A Paparazzi

Hello my name is Elfie McElferson and I am addicted to taking pictures.  Bean calls me the Paparazzi because of this addiction.  I can’t help myself.  I love to take pictures.  Sometimes this is a little embarrassing for those around me…especially Bean.  Here’s an example of such moments…

This couple was making out so intensely on NYE the girl kept sticking her hands in his pants.  I not only took pictures of this extremely funny and entertaining couple…I got it on video too.
The other day I took a picture of this car in our complex because I swear those were body bags inside…apparently the car isn’t abandoned and they weren’t body bags…Pokey showed up to collect his things before the car was towed.
Sometimes I just take cool pictures of Trees…
and sometimes I take so many pictures I leave Bean shaking her head.

Can you imagine living with someone who takes this many pictures?  Poor Bean, lol.  She loves me anyway…I hope…
And I promise I will TRY to not take so many random pictures…like this one of your foot 😉
I hope whenever you hear Miss Gaga belt out Paparazzi…you’ll think of me…and Poor Bean who is probably going to get her picture taken again in about 5 mins. 😉


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