I Went To Church and They Had Nachos

Well sort of…I went to Chickie & Pete’s for lunch and they have nachos + a whole lot more.  Bean takes me to the coolest places.  I’ve never been one to venture very far from my comfort zone.  I ate so much my pants didn’t fit right so I unbuttoned the top button for the car ride home.  Yep nothing but class from me!  So here is my photo montage from my trip to Chickie & Pete’s!

And of course we got the cheese steak nachos and by we I mean I ate them all myself…but it sounds way better when I say We 🙂
So how is Chickie & Pete’s like church?  Well once someone told me that every time you enter a new church you get a wish.  I’ve always just used that strange Catholic stuff and applied it to bars and since there is a bar at C & P it was applied.  So Praise Jesus and Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo and his friend Jim Beam!!!



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