Hey You Over There…I’m Staring At You

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of people watching.  I’m not sure why I’ve taking on this new…somewhat creepy hobby but there you have it.
On Sunday I noticed that older people put things like Prune Juice, Prunes and Cereal in their carts.  That kind of knowledge makes getting older scarier than not knowing…just saying.  You can also point out the single guys carts because they have 6 steaks, Chips and a gallon of water. No veggies allowed I guess.
Lately at the gym I’ve noticed some odd fellows.  Like the lady who spends more time socializing and less time exercising.  I thought to myself she probably tells her husband she had a grueling 2-hour workout, lol.  On Sunday, I watched the guy who was on the exercise bike next to me.  He was doing an incline of about 7 while going 78 rpms and he was kicking my ass.  This wouldn’t really be that noteworthy except he was like 70 and had only one leg.  Yes…I’m that out of shape…thanks for noticing 🙂
I like to watch people in their cars too.  My favorites are the ones who are singing at the top of their lungs.  It’s awesome and not just because I do that too (when Bean’s not in the car…it wouldn’t be fair to torture her like that) its just that personal rock concerts are fun!



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