Ron White Makes Me Laugh

This past Christmas Bean gave me an awesome gift…tickets to see Ron White at the Keswick.  I’ve been a fan of his for years and loved all the Blue Collar comedy stuff but had never seen him live until March 4.  The man still has it.  The show was fresh material and like the whiskey he drinks on stage…he has gotten better with age.
His jokes about the Dentist, the clitoris and the bartender that injured him were hysterical.  The opening act was funny too.  Alex Reymundo was a blast.  He does this bit about his kids being “Hick-Spanic”.   Very funny.
The only thing I didn’t like were the rude wipes that spent the pre-show time drinking in the lobby…got to their seats late and then proceeded to get up every 10 minutes to use the loo.  Seriously people is this all necessary.  I felt bad for Alex because it’s during his set that these boobs are still making their way to their seats.

If you get a chance to catch a show it’s a cool bit of comedy with a side of Whiskey Tater Salad 🙂


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