Good Lord She Got Her Fat Ass Off The Couch

And by she I’m referring of course to myself.   Bean and I joined a gym.  I know me joining a gym…I’ve gone simply mad!  Anyone who knows me would think this bit of news is heresy…but it’s all true.

An Artist rendering of me dreaming of Cheese Doodles and Leroy Jethro Gibbs

So why pray tell would I join a gym?  It’s my Lenten sacrifice y’all.  Awesome or what?  Bean’s been wanting to join for a bit now and me being the slothful slug I am was like…”have fun with that baby!”  Then lent came around and we were discussing all of the sacrifices one could make and my suggestions were kind of like…”I’ll give up smoking” or “I’ll give up going to church” and lets just say my suggestions weren’t taken seriously.  It’s probably because I don’t smoke.  Apparently there are rules to this Lenten Sacrifice thing.

So we talked about it and as part of lent and part I love Bean I’m going to the gym.  You know what…it doesn’t suck.  I was sure being sweaty and out of breath would totally suck.  I was pleasantly surprised that although I do sweat, smell funny and breath heavier than an obscene phone caller I like this thing called exercise.  Who knew it would be fun…certainly not I.

So be prepared as I will undoubtedly begin regaling you with my trials and tribulations of getting in shape.  I’m sure though my butt imprint on the sofa will still be visible from space.


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