Ryan Phillipe Delivers My Mail

Okay it’s probably not really him.  Why would a dude who is dating Rihanna be delivering my mail?  Although, this guy looks a lot more like Ryan Phillipe than say Ryan Phillipe looks like himself.
I know what you are thinking…these look like the same pictures they use on NCIS or some crime drama but they aren’t.  They also kind of look stalkerish and creepy but I assure you they are not that either.  I like to take pictures and sometimes I find a person who strikes me as picture takeable (how is that for mashing the English language???).  Seriously did you really think I would use the word photographic?
I took pictures of this guy today.  He got off of a bus in this yellow full rain jacket with hood and white rain boots.  He also had a crutch accessory.  I found him rather intriguing so I took his picture.
I love taking pictures of random stuff and people.  I never know what I’ve actually captured until I go back and look at them.
This is my hand…it’s the stamp they use at Sister’s Club in Philly.  How’s that for random?  I’m looking forward of taking more random photos this weekend.  Who knows maybe I’ll catch you on my camera 😉

And this is why Bean calls me ‘The Paparazzi’ 🙂


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