The Choir of Angels

Okay they aren’t really a choir and they surely aren’t angels but they are fun in their own way.  This week we are puppy sitting and with the two dogs we started out with we now have 4.  They are cute and for the most good.  They play well together and are at times hysterical.  We officially have a pack.
The down side of the pack is when one barks…they all bark.  Not unlike a real choir we have the sopranos, the altos and the mezzi-altos.
Miss L likes to moonlight as an EWOK 🙂
Don’t let this little Yoda looking goblin fool you with her cuteness…she’s the bad one in the pack.  We might change her name to Trouble 🙂

I can’t help myself…I love them even when they are bad.



  1. So cute!! And so much cuteness! My friend now has five little dogs. (He lost three last year, and one a week ago.) Yes, one starts barking and they all bark. Only one didn’t bark at me, the little gal who passed last week. Give them all big hugs!

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