Really I’m Not An Idiot

Family Feud is really messing with me and I don’t like it.  I haven’t gotten fast money in forever and it’s starting to make me Rage Against The Machine…the machine here is Family Feud.

The Question:
I put stuff like Power Failure…not saving the game…you know stuff that would really suck.  None of my answers were there.  Instead these were the top answers on the board.  Fuck You Family Feud!!!
Are you serious…Violence?  Dude I would ask the kids all the time for the cheat code for Mortal Combat back in the day so it would be more gruesome!  Ten year old kids are thrilled to share that stuff with people who aren’t their parents…just saying!  Oh and I said getting killed which should have been so ‘Difficulty Level’.

So our contentious connection continues Family Feud…but one day…I will reign supreme!


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