It’s Snowing…Bring on the Jackholes

Oh, I don’t blame you for laughing.  Seriously…are you kidding me with more snow?  Oh please don’t give me…’Ah, but it’s winter silly’.  Yes I know it’s winter…I’m freezing my ass off but when Mother Nature gives you 2 days of 70 degree weather the body and mostly the mind start sliding into that rejoicing hymn called Spring.
It’s a rather cruel trick MN plays on us.  We got about 4″ but by the time I headed out to work it was starting to melt.  You know after we shoveled the driveway, lol.
What I will never understand is why people drive crazy when the weather is foul.  As I was driving into work there was this chick in a blue car who was driving extremely fast (Hello its slippery out there moron) and then she was driving my ass when I refused to go 50 mph.  Yes the road was plowed and salted but one slick spot and that’s all it takes to smash-up your car people.  I wasn’t driving 5 mph I was going about 35 and since that was the actual posted speed limit I thought I was good.  Frickin’ people!  I don’t wish her physical harm I just hope she slides and it scares her enough so she shits her pants.  Yeah…I’m mean like that!

Well at least my nemesis Hurricane Schwartz is having a good day, lol 🙂


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