Dear Family Feud I Call Bullshit!

I’m a Family Feud junkie.  Sometimes I win and sometimes not so much but today I call BULL SHIT on Family Feud.  The question was name something a person does with one hand they normally do with two hands?  I got the #1 answer which was Drive and beyond that nada.  I’m not always critical of the answers on the Feud but one of the answers I didn’t get was CLAP.  Really Family Feud…clap???
Do you know what clapping with one hand really is…IT’S F-ing WAVING People.  So to all 6 of those people surveyed who are clapping with one hand I say…Bull Shit to you too.   And I saw your you tube video and it’s still looks like waving to me!

Clapping handed hand turkey...yes

That is all 😉


4 responses

  1. Family Feud is full of BS somedays!!! You jump on the soapbox and tell them how it is!!! lol

  2. Maybe they were referring to the other clap?

  3. Doug and I watch FF while we’re eating lunch. I think they must give IQ tests to the prospective contestants and anyone who makes a 70 or above is eliminated.

    I heard this one day- “What’s your favorite condiment?”

    The answer was- AFRICA!

    And their family clapped liked a bunch meth riddled kangaroos. If someone in my family had said that they’d have gotten the head tilt and “WTF were you thinking?”

    That’s why we’re not on I guess.

    1. You crack me up woman…I nearly lost my ice tea when reading your comment!!! See my favorite condiment has always been Australia 😉

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