Dear Family Feud I Call Bullshit!

I’m a Family Feud junkie.  Sometimes I win and sometimes not so much but today I call BULL SHIT on Family Feud.  The question was name something a person does with one hand they normally do with two hands?  I got the #1 answer which was Drive and beyond that nada.  I’m not always critical of the answers on the Feud but one of the answers I didn’t get was CLAP.  Really Family Feud…clap???
Do you know what clapping with one hand really is…IT’S F-ing WAVING People.  So to all 6 of those people surveyed who are clapping with one hand I say…Bull Shit to you too.   And I saw your you tube video and it’s still looks like waving to me!

Clapping handed hand turkey...yes

That is all 😉



  1. Doug and I watch FF while we’re eating lunch. I think they must give IQ tests to the prospective contestants and anyone who makes a 70 or above is eliminated.

    I heard this one day- “What’s your favorite condiment?”

    The answer was- AFRICA!

    And their family clapped liked a bunch meth riddled kangaroos. If someone in my family had said that they’d have gotten the head tilt and “WTF were you thinking?”

    That’s why we’re not on I guess.

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