Sometimes The Big Prize is Porn

Last night me, Bean and George Clooney went to Kinky Quizzo at our local watering hole.  I’ve never done any kind of Quizzo, kinky or other wise so I was interested to check it out.  I discovered the only difference between Kinky and Regular Quizzo are the prizes.  The prizes are a riot!
The difference between our Quizzo and those of say straight people is our host were gorgeous Drag Queens named Miss Thunder Showers and Miss Eva Destruction.
We didn’t win the prize for having the most answers but we did win the prize for the best name.  George Clooney and Bean came up with this one and I have been known to spew glitter from my face so it was perfect for us 😉

George Clooney got to pose with the prize, you know, because he’s a guy.  It was a fun night of educational trivia and beer with a side of nachos.  That people is a well spent Wednesday night!

And this one is for Bean…You are vindicated Baby!  The answer was not 20 Fingers it was Gillette!!!

p.s.  yes the prize was porn…it is after all Kinky Quizzo.



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