…and then I was all…THANK YOU LEONARD

I’m not a person who handles change very well.  Sometimes my brain goes into overload and I will just talk to myself like a schizophrenic wandering the vast city.  It makes me seem crazier than I really am.  One of those changes was when the Sci-Fi Channel changed its logo to SyFy.  Why?  Is Syfy really that cool?  I began pronouncing it Sifee because that’s how it’s spelled.  How they get the pronunciation of SCI-FI from SyFy I have no idea but I digress.
Fast forward to last Thursday (2/3/11) Episode of The Big Bang Theory.  Leonard Hofstadter posed the same question.  I turned to Bean and was all…SEE I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!  It was an enlightened moment for me because I was no longer alone in my SyFy confusion!
On the down side.  I’ve gone from talking to myself like a schizophrenic to being validated by an imaginary character.  That people…That’s PROGRESS!  Yeah Me!

My long-lost twin!

I Heart Your not-so-real-self Leonard Hofstadter!



  1. Oh trust me – you’re not alone in thinking Sci-Fi screwed up when they changed the name to Sifee – and yes, I pronounce it that way, too. I thin they’re lamely attempting to reach the younger ebonics/texting-is-my-only-form-of-communication crowd. I hope it doesn’t work, like when Gap changed their logo. LOL

  2. There is definitely a certain amount of lameness in forcing hipness. Either you are hip or your a sci-fi junky like me and could care less if you’re hip thus insuring the implied hippiness, lol.

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