The Insane Things I Get Stuck In My Head

Did you ever have that song you just can’t get out of your head?  Or a commercial that you just remember and laugh out loud about?  I’ve had a couple of things like that going on.

Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” has plagued me since I first heard it.  It’s like the dentist drill without Novocaine.  God Help ME!

Bean was singing the R.Kelly part of the South Park  Episode about Scientology.  Specifically the episode that had Tom Cruise in the closet.  Now I’ve got “Tom Cruise is in the closet” stuck in my head and it’s funny.

This commercial has nothing to do with anything except we think it’s funny.

There are things worse than having something stuck in one’s head.  Say like a Zombie Apocalypse.  Yeah that would really suck.

p.s.  I’m done with winter…time to move on to spring 😉



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