Zach Wahls

Zach Wahls was raised by a same-sex couple.  He spoke to the legislature of Iowa about making discrimination a part of the Iowa Constitution.  America is a model for other countries regarding freedom yet in his country we have a group of people who would deny their fellow citizens the same rights they are privileged to have for themselves.  Religious views are not a reason to legislate.

The DOMA (Defense of Marriage) supporters in this country would have us all believe that the definition of Marriage is one set in stone.  That it is one sanctioned by the Bible and yet it’s not true.  Marriage in the time of Jesus wasn’t as clear-cut as the Evangelical community would have everyone believe.  Women didn’t have rights and were doled out as property.  Even in the Sodom and Gomorrah passage of the Bible has Lot offering his daughters to be raped by the angry mob to save the lives of the strangers.  Is this what DOMA sanctions?  Ridiculous right?  It’s as ridiculous as these folks saying if same-sex couples can marry what’s to stop me from marrying my dog?  I know…stupid.

Zach gave an eloquent speech.  He is the product of a loving and supportive home.  If only all children born to heterosexual couples could say the same thing.

Remember this…today it’s my rights on the block…tomorrow it might be yours.



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