Why My Butt Was Twitching Yesterday

First let  me say I hate Weather guys.  You all know about my arch nemesis and that he is a weather guy.  Well the weather people were all…we won’t get a lot of snow from this storm as it will be a mostly rain event.  I waited for the rain and it did rain after it snowed 4″ and then turned to rain for 5 mins and then back to sleet and snow.  They suck.

Willow on her dug out path

We got 14.5″ of snow.  Yep…that’s nothing like the 2-4″ they were calling for.
The weather people then changed their number totals after the first “surprise” of this two-part storm.  The new numbers were 6-8″ of snow.  (This is a picture of the ‘cleared’ roads).

A Neighbor

I added this picture just because it’s funny.  A woman in my building was shoveling her patio by using a water pitcher and was wearing a ‘Gloria Swanson’ turban and a fur coat.  We couldn’t take our eyes off of her.

This is what an ARCH NEMESIS looks like!!!

Beware of this man!




  1. Good Lord! That’s just too much snow! My friend in Mass just posted a bunch of pics. His place is buried up to the window sills. I can only imagine the amount of time that goes into shoveling snow. What do y’all do when you’re snowed in for days?

  2. I’m not the friend in Mass that Kernut is referring to. Not that I don’t want to be her friend. I’m sure she’s lovely.

    But yeah, we’ve gotten 60 inches of snow in Boston so far this winter. I’m 60-inches tall. It’s becoming a bit of a problem.

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