Drunk People Are Fun

On Saturday night Bean and I went on a magical adventure to the bar.  What made it magical you ask…the fact I was awake after 10 pm silly!

Bean’s friend’s bf is in a band and we went to see said band.  They were good and I knew most of the songs they played so yeah for me 😉  While standing there watching the guys play I started to people watch.  It was wild!  I haven’t peopled watching in forever and let me tell you I wish I had taken pictures of some of the people.
Miss Its My Birthday was fun in the way that she was so drunk and everyone was egging her on to drink more.  She’s my new hero because if I downed two beers the way she did I would have puked on the closes friend.  Miss Birthday was a trooper!

Another interesting person was the drunk guy who crashed into me, then did it again, and yes he did it a third time.  Each time he turned to me and drunkenly apologized.  At one point of the evening he put his arms around both Bean and myself.  I’m not sure but I think I have a new boyfriend, lol.  Sure it’s one sided…and that side was really drunk and really preppy but its all good.
Poor Jose was all happy when he was gyrating with his little drunk blonde girl.  She had been dancing all night…sometimes by herself.  He was so happy and really I think he was all…”yeah I’m going to score” but alas the drunk blonde girl wanted another drink and when he left her alone she found someone else to gyrate with.  I watched him search the dance floor for his new lady-love.  Her new gyrating partner was a bigger guy so she kind of was eclipsed by him.  And then it happened…he found her.  He looked so sad and dejected standing there with two drinks in hand watching her gyrate with Gigantor.  Jose didn’t give up on his potential future score.  He moved around her on the dance waiting for that moment to jump back in when Gigantor moved out.  But Gigantor wasn’t stupid.  When he would tell her let’s go get a drink the blonde one kept dancing.  When he realized she wasn’t going to stop he didn’t want to lose his spot.  it just wasn’t to be Jose’s night.

Artistic Representation of GBQ and friends

My favorite person of the night was the GQ Blond girl.  These two girls were dancing and having fun when GQB runs into one of them while trying to have her picture taken with the group of GQB’s and Bon Jovi’s long-lost twin.  She then turned around and stared her down in that “I’m going to kick your ass” kind of way.  The  dancing queens were completely unaware that GBQ was throwing down on them because they were all about the dance.  It gave me a chuckle to watch GQB tell her friends about her injustice because I knew the real score.

Who doesn't like a pole dancing puppy?

I did want to try the pole dancing pole but apparently trying to use it was like standing in line for Space Mountain in Disney World with no fast pass.  Sheesh!

Oh and Bean would have never let me pole dance public or otherwise, lol.  She loves me 🙂


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  1. Make sure you give Bean an extra bug hug for stopping your pole dancing. That should only be attempted in public by females under the age of 30 with 0% body fat and no family members still alive. Any other time it’s pretty heinous.

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