Just Dance…Like Michael Jackson

My plague is lifting.  It seems if I listen to Dr. Bean then I get better.  Yes she was right!!!  However, I think that I have passed the plague on to Bean herself.  Well..sheesh…wasn’t that wonderful of me!  I suck.
In all the plagueiness we went to dinner at our friend’s house.  She has the new Michael Jackson for Wii.  It was a dancing good time.  I have learned that Michael and I could be twins if it weren’t for my lack of rhythm, talent and coordination.  Then we played Just Dance 2.  I highly recommend this game if not for just for the aerobic workout you get.  Again I was handicapped by the lack of balance and coordination but I hung in there.  WW and Bean are like the Solid Gold Dancers.  Me not so much.  I fell over a chair.  Yeah…I’m super cool like that!  Just call me Urkle…wait I think he could dance too.



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