The Plague – Day 213

Okay that’s just an exaggeration.  Although since my wife isn’t getting any sleep she might not agree that it’s an exaggeration.  The nastier stuff has abated but seriously this cough is annoying to everyone.    My poor, poor wife hasn’t slept in over 10 days.  I feel awful and there isn’t anything I can do except sleep on the sofa but she’ll still be able to hear me hacking away 😦

Say yes to bunnies and no to the plague!

So again the photos of Plague were too disturbing so I give you bunnies.  Just say no to Plague!  Damn I need a nap!

In other news it’s going to friggin’ snow again!  Winter is a bitch man!



  1. Every night I load myself up with 3 Benedryl in an effort to stay asleep through the hot flashes. Perhaps one or both of you should give it a try to sleep through your coughing. I don’t think that’s an overdose situation. But you might want to look it up just in case. Hope you kick the crud soon.

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