Awhile back we started watching old TV shows that we have the sets of on DVD.  We started with The Big Bang Theory because well Sheldon is a god!  Then we moved on to the 8 Seasons of Will and Grace.  Now we’ve started season one of Charlie’s Angels.

Hello Angels...

A couple of observations I’ve made.  It really hard to believe that Jill Munroe (Farrah Fawcett-Majors) was only on for one season.  She’s so identified with the show but poor Cheryl Ladd (Kris Munroe) was on the show for much longer and she’s still Kris Munroe…Jill’s sister.
I think I know why Farrah left the show though.  Sure she had huge fame from her Farrah Poster but really I think it was filming the episode Angels in Chains.  There was scene were they are running for their Angel lives and they are prisoners so of course they are chained together.  Poor Jill got pulled and yanked and dragged through the whole escape.  It was also dusty and dirty and her hair was losing some of it’s 70’s flair!

All in all its still as fun as I remembered watching it for the first time and it took me back to the sentimental journey of when we used to play Charlie’s Angels in the neighborhood.  Can you guess which character I always got to be?

In other news…Bean packed in my lunch the most awesome orange I’ve tasted in years!  Well done love…well done!!!



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