Zombies Came To Christmas

Did I ever tell you how I’m marrying the most awesome woman in the world?  Oh I didn’t…well I am, lol!  Under the Christmas Tree this year was this awesome game.  Prepare to be jealous y’all!!!
Notice how Bean got A Christmas Story Game and I got Zombies…yeah…cool!
Oh and the joy is never-ending because in my stocking….Um Hello!!!…Bacon Popcorn.  Can you grasp the awesomeness of this?  Okay what you are grasping isn’t awesomeness and you are freaking me out a little so please stop so I can stop this run on sentence!

Still Drunk from Christmas

My puppies are still exhausted from Christmas.  I would also like to add that Mickie refused to sleep in a dog bed but Bean got her one and now she’s all…’that’s mine’.  Okay I know I have no leadership qualities but I wish she would listen to me just once.  Maybe that could be her New Year’s dog resolution?

We got hit by a snow storm Sunday night into Monday that the Weather Folks were telling us all last week that it wouldn’t hit us.  Yeah, you lie Hurricane Schwartz!  (he’s my arch nemesis).  As the Snow came down Bean turned to me and asked. “Honey, did you remember to bring the cushions in from the porch?”

Last Snow of 2010?

Um…that would be a NO.   I’m still trying figure out why she loves me.




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