The One Where A Fairy Came To Live with Me

Christmas 2010 is now in the record books.  It was an awesome Christmas.  Bean out did herself with the festivities.  And all that with me being sick.  Yep…Christmas Eve had me with a sour belly and nausea so we stayed home in case it was a virus but it turned out to have been something I ate.  I would love to have been able to have narrowed it down but lets face it…what didn’t I eat this holiday.  I put on 9 lbs.  Seriously people food is everywhere!
On Christmas morning we woke up early (translation I woke Bean up early) and opened all the lovely gifts put under our tree by Santa.  And there she was just sitting there looking adorable and awesome…My newest Fairy Friend Christmas Snow.  She’s going to move in because she just relocated here from Neverland.  It seems The Bells have been so awful of late that she thought why put up with it and decided a move was in order.  You know, since Tinker Bell  became famous she’s been such a snob.
I got so many wonderful gifts.  Bean is taking me to see Ron White in March.  It’s going to be a hoot.  That dude is so freaking funny!  Some of the presents are going to come in handy since we got hit with a surprise snowstorm.  Dang you weather folks.



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