A Very Zombie Christmas

My Love Bean gave me a wonderful present.  She loves me and knows me and that’s why I squealed with joy when she gave me my present…The Zombie Night Before Christmas!  She not only got me the book she read it to me one night.  Am I spoiled or am I spoiled?
This Christmas is much different from last Christmas.  I feel lighter and happier.  I’m still stressed I’ve not finished my shopping (That’s how Virgo Roll) but it will get done…I’ve got 2 days, lol.  But it’s been a good time.
I got the best life and the greatest woman to share it.  And how cool is it that she isn’t turned off by my Zombie Obsession (which I totally blame on The Bloggess, lol).  She’s very cool!  Although I’m going to love opening presents on Christmas I’ve already got my wishes and dreams so the rest is just the extra side of awesome Michael Scott told us about!

Merry 4 Calling Birds!


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