5 Gold Rings and a Lunar Eclipse

It’s 5 Gold Rings people!  5 Count them…5 Gold Rings!  Am I losing my mind…nooooo!  It was lost a week ago, lol.   I’m usually wanting a drink by 4 Calling Birds and well 3 French Hens just makes me something, something so I’m going to try to finish that shopping today.  Fingers and toes cross y’all!

5 Gold Rings...

In other news did you get up on the East Coast at 3 this morning?  Yeah, me neither but my sister did and took these terrific photos.  See we didn’t miss a thing 5 took care of our historicalness for us.  Apparently this is the first time in like 463 years that the lunar eclipse has fallen on the Winter Solstice.  Wicked Cool…totally.

I’ve got to go now…I hear someone singing Christmas Carols…




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