She Gave Thanks and Then Napped

Let me start off by saying 4 day weekends ROCK!!!  It’s true…it’s awesome.
Thursday was Thanksgiving and this year was my first Thanksgiving with the In-Laws.  I was pretty nervous even though Bean said there was no reason to be.  I was meeting some of her family for the first time so I wanted to make a good impression.  My angst was for not (yes I really talk like that!) because everything was a breeze.  Minus spilling the soda on myself in the car it went great.  I really like Bean’s family.  They are really awesome.
We talked and ate and then ate some more because that’s what you do on Thanksgiving.  Eat and Eat and then rest…then eat again ;0)  And this what was left.  Job well done everyone!!!
I wish I had taken a picture of the sweet potatoes.  They were like a party in my mouth.  What funny is I don’t even like sweet potatoes.  Now I only like Mama Bean’s Sweet Potato Magic!  I think I was dreaming of them Thursday night when I went to bed.  The food was amazing.  I’m not a cook myself but I am an eater from way back.   I started to get the itis but bounced back quickly.  No matter what I would not be kept from the “Frost on the Pumpkin”.  It was beyond tasty.  Bean’s Gramps made it and let me tell you…the taste is beyond the scope of words.    I had an amazing day.

This week I made a new friend too.  Her super secret agent name is Pug-o-licious.  OMG she’s cute.
After all of the fan fare of the holiday we still managed to get a snooze too.  That my friends is a great weekend!!!


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