Black Is The Old Brown

I’m old and have been dying my hair since I was about 18.  Gray hair has been a reality since my twenties.  Clearly I didn’t get my Grandmother’s genes because she didn’t start to go gray until she was in her late 60’s.  Yet another trait I never inherited from my family.  It’s amazing that I even resemble these people because I didn’t get my father’s ears or my mother’s nose but I did get my Grannies chubbiness, oh goody!

I kind of look like Adam Lambert...but not.

Anyway, I clearly screwed up my last dying experience.  I had a coupon for color.  They didn’t have Medium Natural Brown so I just decided to get Dark Brown instead.  Mistake number one.  You know because the word “dark” never implied it would be black.  Mistake number two was when I lost track of time and instead of having it on my hair for 20 minutes I had it on for 1 hour.  Oh and yes I see that face you are making right now!!!  What can I say…I also apparently didn’t inherit a lick of common sense either!
Well needless to say my hair is all f’ed up and I’m stressing because Thanksgiving is coming up.  It will be my first major holiday with Bean and her family.  When trying to look ones best it usually helps if you don’t also resemble Morticia Addams…it’s Thanksgiving not Halloween.

So here I fret that I look like a circus freak (not that there is anything wrong with circus freaks) and hope that Bean isn’t embarrassed by the fact that I’m a nut who lacks any common sense.




  1. I am assuming you used permanent color. I only use semi-perm, after making that exact same mistake. Still, there are products out there that can help. The best thing to do is to call a professional and ask (beg) for info. I think you’ll get some info that can have you looking more like yourself for the big day. Good luck.

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