Just Around The Corner

Today I was having a chat with The Boss and Mo-Mo Gurecki about the fact that I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is next week.  Okay so like I can believe it because I do have a calendar in my office but it just seems it’s like Ta-Da Thanksgiving!  I panic this time of the year that I won’t be ready in time for Christmas which is like right after Thanksgiving or if you go to the department stores right now it’s like here already!!!
There are pressures I put on myself during the holiday season that I need to accomplish and if I don’t I get all bunched up in the colon.  Since I’m anal retentive this only makes sense that it would be there I got all bunched up.  Just saying.

The first thing that I do every Thanksgiving is watch ‘Miracle on 34th Street‘.  Okay technically it’s the third thing.  First I let the dogs out to pee and then I let myself out to pee.  Wait is that TMI???  Oh well.
The second or fourth thing depending where you are mentally on my blog I start reading ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens.  I have a month to accomplish this task so there isn’t a great pressure there.  I read it from my Dad’s book which makes me feel like he’s there with me reading right along.
The third or fifth thing is the day after Christmas I put up the Tree.  Christmas hasn’t always been the happiest time for me but I think this year will be different because Bean will make sure it’s the bestest Christmas evah!  She’s cool that way and by cool I mean AWESOME!!!

So if I can accomplish those three things I will be very happy and my Sheldon-likeness won’t take over too much 🙂



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