Shopping At Shellmart

I’ve recently introduced Bean to “The Big Bang Theory“.  I say recently but really it was like 2 months ago but since I have no real concept of time that’s like yesterday.
She’s taken notice that apparently I resemble all four of the main characters.  When I drink I’m like Koothrappoli, I romance like Howard Wolowitz and sometimes Leonerd.  But it would appear I’m a lot like Sheldon.  Although, I do not have a fun catch word that acknowledges that I’ve made a funny like the word BAZINGA!  Seriously people what is funnier than Sheldon in the ball pit popping up yelling BAZINGA!  Yep…nothing is!

Like my Hero Sheldor I have many like qualities.  My favorite is I live in my own world that’s all up in my head.  Usually I’m oblivious to…well almost everything.  Although I’m a lot like Sheldon I haven’t created a Sims universe like Sheldonapolis or a Second Life character (although I want one because I’ve always wanted to fly).

I would really love it thought if I was as smart as those guys.  I’m not an astrophysicist but I have said at a Holiday Inn once.

Sheldor is AFK

My favorite part of the comparison of my life to there’s is…Bean is Penny 😉



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