On The Road Again…Student Driver Style

I had another whirlwind weekend.  They seem to go faster and faster these days.  It’s already November for crimenlli.  Where did the summer go?

On Saturday Bean and I went out with Mama Bean to do some craft fairs.  We got some Thanksgiving decorations which we severely were lacking in.  Just for the record…I love the Turkey we got…he’s cute and fits perfectly where the pumpkin was in October!

On the way back from our funtivities we passed this car on the highway.  I called out to Bean who was reading a book…what does that sign say?  She said ‘Student Driver’.  I of course broke out laughing and asked her to grab my bag to get the camera.  My lovely assistant Bean took the following pictures…while I drove and laughed!!!

Uh...Hello Student Driver...nice sign 😉

It did occur to me that there was a possibility that this was a Zombie Student Driver but as you can see…they lacked certain Zombie like qualities.  The things you see on the highway…it was a nice long chuckle.  You go Student Driver…own that road!!!



  1. OMG! That’s simultaneously hilarious and scary! *tries to lookup where you live again* I couldn’t find it. Thought it said on your about page.

    I was just wondering, you know, so I could be on the lookout for that driver. And go the other way. The teacher scares me most of all.

    Bean probably scared the kid when she took pics! That’s hella funny!

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