Is God Peeing On Me?

Okay that feeling is Blah, Blah, Blah…I blame the rain.  Today’s post is like my mind today…all over the place.

Showering...without soap

I’m a morning person.  Usually I’m up with the sun and my days begin with a smile.  As we get closer to daylight savings time the mornings are dark or like this morning…dark and rainy.  It’s hard to jump out of bed when the body is telling me that it’s dark outside and I should still be sleeping.  I also find that I’m extremely miserable.  This makes me feel worse because poor Bean has to deal with Miserable-Me in the morning.  It’s weird how my mind loves Autumn but my body loves Spring.

I have this other blog called Blue Sign America.  It’s one of four blogs I have going (3 are active right now).  All weekend I kept passing these blue signs and I would yell out … ‘look blue sign’.  Bean would say…well are you going to go back and take a picture of it?  I had lame reasons why I didn’t but we passed the blue sign for Abolition Hall like 3 times over the weekend and I pointed it out each of the times.  Bean asked if I was going to take a picture of it…one day, lol.  I pulled over and took the picture.  She’s a smart cookie (and not just because she agreed with me that buying the iCarly earrings was an awesome idea).
I live in a city that is historical, as are the surrounding areas.  Doing the BSA blog has given me an opportunity to learn random historical facts about the area I live and also the places I’ve been.  I’ve also learned…listen to Bean, she’s always right 🙂



  1. I don’t think HE’s peeing on you, not on a personal level. If it rains in your area, it rains on ‘rich and poor alike’ as it’s written (someplace). Lightning, however, is very specific. If you get hit by that then it’s all about you. Other than that… no need to make bad assumptions. If you’re still worried, there’s no harm in ‘taking stock’ just to make sure you’re still on the good list. The rule here is probably no more complicated than “just don’t be a d**k” and you’re likely okay. I’ve given a lot of thought to it, trust me.

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