Was That Michael Myers Behind That Tree?

Last night Bean and I went to our friend Wonder Woman’s house for dinner.  The food was yummy and we played a card game and had a ton of laughs.  Let’s face it Wonder Woman is fun.  It was a school night and I still needed to do my homework so we left early.

On the way home we passed by this Golf Course and when I looked out over the fairway it there was this heavy fog that lingered just above the ground.  It was like something out of a Halloween movie.  It was beautiful and I wished I could have just stood in the middle of it all just taking it all in.  The red light turned green and the moment passed.  It was amazing though.  The whole ride home was filled with glimpses of fog dancing here and there.  One point there was a dense fog that stretched over the road in front of me.  I could see the iridescent sign that signaled a sharp curve coming up and I thought of all those horror films of years gone by.  Beyond the sign was a historic cemetery.

So far this has been an amazing Halloween Adventure this month!

Here are some pictures of Autumn that I took.
I can’t wait for this weekend because it’s going to be peak season from the Autumn Leaves in our area.  I’m lucky to live to live in such a beautiful place 🙂



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