It’s Starting To Look Halloweenie

Could someone please tell my why the weekends fly by?  I’m tired this Monday morning but it’s a good kind of tired.  I got to see lots of people, places and things.  All of which I have to share in pictorial mode.

Lets start with the animal lovers.  In Philly every year they have a controlled deer hunt to cull the herd.  They bring in professional hunters to do this.  Where I live there is a very large park called Fairmount Park.   The deer become so numbered that they become dangerous to travelers on major road ways and if the winter is very bad they are ravaged by starvation and die a heinous death.  This is why the authorities try to control the herds population.  On Saturday, I got to see the hunt protesters out in full force.  And by full force I mean like 8 people. was more like 6 people

Bean and I later went on a Halloweenie adventure with the kids to the ‘witches boot’ maze.  I loved it.  The weather was awesome, the kids were running around like…well kids and it was full autumn moon.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Autumn evening!!!
I’m extremely immature so off course I had to pick the nose of this random skull.  What can I say…the kids find me entertaining, lol.

Cheese and Crusts he's lost his head!

It was an amazing Saturday Night!!!



  1. I’m very conflicted over the hunt. My brain tells me it’s a good thing. I know how much a deer can damage a car. I almost hit an elk in Taos. However, my heart has a hard time with it. I can’t believe you went into a maze by choice. I get totally frustrated in those things. I like them a lot more on paper.

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