Missing My Puzzle Piece

Bean and I are having conflicting schedules this week and of course I was away last weekend with the girls.  I feel like I’m a puzzle missing my piece.

It’s not that I can’t be away from her doing my own thing (or her away from me doing her own thing)…it’s that I just love being with her.  For me a perfect evening is sitting on the sofa and we are both reading.  It’s that her presence gives me a calmness I’ve never had before.  Sometimes I just look at her smiling and I wonder how I got so lucky to have met her.


My life is amazing and I wish everyone out there had just an nth of this feeling I have inside because we’d all want to hug each other…but not in a creepy inappropriate way.

In other news: WTH is going on with the Phillies.  Boys lets snap out of it!  Mama needs a World Series win!

Philadelphia Phillies





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