The Heart Grew A Lot Fonder

This weekend I went away with some of my school mates from High School (yes we graduated like 5 years ago, lol).  We had a lot of fun and tons of laughs but I still missed my Bean.  Life is like that.  One day I was content to be alone and the next I couldn’t see a future without my love.  I got to see her last night and everything was good again.


Paging Bobby Rydell!


It was a windy day on Saturday but it didn’t stop us from seeing the sights.


E, B and M Cheesing it up for the Camera


I’ve never done an Autumn sunset in New Jersey before and lets just say it didn’t disappoint!


Sunset at Reeds Beach


I’m not sure what was going on with my hair but I just went with it.  I was captivated by the colors dancing around me.


Sunset at Reeds Beach



The Dunes made for nice picture-taking!


We danced, we ate, we sang, we played with Monica’s Knockers and yes…we told a million stories about the old days when being 17 seemed like being old.

This sign had little to do with my weekend other than I took a picture of it on my weekend adventure 😉



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