Gillian Michael’s Has A Twin

And her name is Bean!  Bean took me for a walk that was mostly up hill.  She had all the faith in me that I could make it and her faith paid dividends because I did, lol.

At one point she started to hike up this hill to the Buddha Gardens and I was all…I’ll see you when you come down.  She persuaded me to follow her.  I climbed and climbed all winded and sweaty but I made it.


Look How High I am!


We walked some more and we came across this Grotto that had a naked man in it.  So I clothed him.  You know…cause I’m cool like that.
A hat IS a piece of clothing.  Totally…look it up, lol.

We had a great day out and about and I got tons of exercise.  Later though I had my picture taken with a spider and survived…True story.


Blue Spider...eeekkkkkk!


It was a good day 🙂


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