Itchy and Scratchy

While walking in the wooded area of the Arboretum last weekend I stumbled upon this sign…

This is good advice people.  Poison Ivy is like bad…true story.  Remember the old rhyme we all learned as children…Leaves of three leave them be.  Then I started thinking about all those people who would ignore this sage advice and how come Monday morning they would all be scratching themselves like Tim McGee from NCIS.  It reminds me also of those people who ignore signs…like at the zoo.  When they put up a sign in front of the bear or lion pens and in some cases a fence and you go beyond that so you can get a better picture…I think it’s only fair the animal be able to eat you.  It should be one of the rules.  If you are stupid and can’t follow basic direction then you get to be lunch.  Just saying.



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