Are They Balls?

This was the question I had for Bean as we were driving along the main drag by my house.  There was this pick-up truck in front of us with these things swinging back and forth on the hitch that look a lot like testicles.   They were in fact testicles swinging in the breeze on the back of that truck.  Luckily Bean was quick with the photo shot because as I turned down a road I didn’t need to be on so I could follow said truck she was able to take the picture.

May I present to you some art for the ages…I call this “Dangling Testicles Blowing In The Breeze”.


If you’ve lost your balls please call the Pennsylvania DMV…they should be able to help you find them 😉  Yes…I went there!

p.s.  GO PHILLIES!!!

The Boys of Summer!



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