On The Way To Halloween

Let me start this post by pimping out my latest and greatest blog Blue Sign America.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I finally got off my fat bottom and did it.  I hope you like it 🙂

Back to the  real post…

Ah the classic glitter pumpkin...very Hollywood Halloween

My favorite holiday of all time is most decidedly Halloween.  I’m not a fan of Christmas (I know, I know), Thanksgiving is good because I get to eat a lot but it makes me miss my Parental Unit because we always had Thanksgiving there.  Easter has no significance for me and well it’s hot in July for 4th of July.

Ghost and Pumpkin...AWESOME!!!

Halloween is everything I love…well minus being scared…I’m not a fan of that.  Shssh…don’t tell Bean…she’ll want to scare the pants off me.  I love ghosts and pumpkins and witches…oh my.  Ghosts are my favorite of course.  I will spend the next couple of weeks watching my favorite Halloween movies/TV Shows like “It’s the Great Pumpkin”, “Hocus Pocus” and “Haunted Mansion”.  I’ve already watched Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas at Bean’s house…yeah for me!

All Time Favorite Halloween Movie!!!

The leaves are changing, the weather is getting colder and wetter and I’ve got my first pumpkin of the season.  It’s all awesome!!!  I’m like a kid again.  I love the costumes, the frolicking and fun and of course I love the candy.  This year I’ve also agreed to watch a really scary movie with Bean…Halloween!  It’s freaky and scary all at the same time.

Michael Myers is Scary and not just because he's dressed like Kirk

I love that I get a month to enjoy it all.  I’ve even had my first Picture with a Skeleton because it was right there in the store and I had a camera 😉

This here is Boo...he's very famous...you know for a dead guy.

So much Halloween…so little time!!!


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