Paging Mr. or Mrs. Ark to the Lido Deck

My Ark would be cooler looking and sport a rainbow flag 🙂

So there is rain and then there is lets build an Ark kind of rain.  We had that latter last night.  The weather people in our burg tend to go way overboard with their forecasts.  I’m like other Philadelphians who listen and then take what they say with a grain a salt.  So when they were calling for apocalyptic downpours I just figured it was an over zealous member of the Chicken Little squad and ignored them.

Can I call in wet to work?

I chose poorly.  We did in fact receive 4.5″ of rain in a 12 hour period.  It figures those assholes got this one right.  Bastards!  Anyway, everything is flooded.  Traffic is stuck and a woman just got out of her car to take a wiz on the side of 422 according to the FB Status of my cousin.  FU Weather Guy for being Chicken Little one too many times!!!

This is what an ARCH NEMESIS looks like!!!

One thing for sure is Fridays have always sucked and continue to suck (5pm Friday doesn’t and is excluded from the over all Fridays Suck Rule).  And Glen “Hurricane” Schwartz you are now my arch nemesis.


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